Special Objects

Are considered as special objects:

  • SmartArt
  • Charts
  • WordArt

And can be added in the “Insert” Tab.


According to Microsoft, SmartArt is a Graphic Element to communicate information visually.

There are various types of SmartArts:

  • List
  • Process
  • Cicle
  • Hierarchy
  • Relationship
  • Matrix
  • Pyramid
  • Images

Activity 1

Part 1

We are going to create a new PowerPoint presentation with a different type of smart art on each slide. You can see some examples on: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/be-smart-in-choosing-graphics-RZ010177295.aspx?section=2

  • Slide 1. List SmartArt. Make a list of your 5 favorite songs.
  • Slide 2. Process SmartArt. Make a Process SmartArt explaining the steps to prepare a Lemonade
  • Slide 3. Cicle SmartArt. Make the SmartArt with the cicle of water
  • Slide 4. Hierarchy SmartArt. Create your family tree, from your grandparents to you. Being you on the top of the tree
  • Slide 5. Relationship SmartArt. Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the school to work in a factory
  • Slide 6. Matrix SmartArt. Use it to show How John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison And Paul McCartney were the members Of the Beatles
  • Slide 7. Pyramid SmartArt. Create a Pyramid with the social order of the ancient Egypt. Slaves at the bottom, citizens, Soldiers, Governors, Priests, Pharaoh.

Part 2

Modify each SmartArt from the default design. Click a SmartArt, go to the SmartArt Tab, to the Design Sub-Tab. And modify colors and styles (2d to 3d, shadows and so on)

When you finish part 2, call the proffesor to check your work.

Activity 2

Special Animations.

Now we are going to animate each SmartArt so it doesn’t appears on just 1 click, but one element on each mouse click.

Click on a SmartArt, go to the Animations tab, Custom Animation Tool and click on Add on the Right panel.

Choose any entrance animation.

On the right Panel, click the animated element, click on the small arrow at the right and click on Effect options

On Effect Options window, click on SmartArt animation and in “Group Graphic” select “One by One”

Change the Theme of your slideshow and save your file as “SmartArt and Animations classwork” and send it to pablocampis@hotmail.com


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