Word Processor Page design classwork

The following activity include several exercises, read them and create a different Word File for each one When you finish, send all the Word files to the professor.

Problem One:
The high school Student committee directed a poetry contest in the school and asked you to make the diplomas for the winners. In the computer they gave you, there’s only Microsoft Word installed. Create one diploma with the following page design:

  • Page Size: A4
  • Page orientation: Landscape
  • Page margins: 1 inch (2.54 cms) on each side.
    For the contents of the diploma, you can use the next sample:
    Diploma Sample

    The diploma must use color shapes and graphics.

    Problem Two:
    You and your friend worked in an essay for the school, both of you worked in the investigation, but your friend worked in typing it and your responsibility now is formatting the document according to the school’s essays instructions.

    Essay’s information DOWNLOAD HERE.

    School’s Instructions:

  • Page format: A4, Portrait, .9 inches margins on each side. Each page should be numbered.
  • Text font: Times New Roman, 12 points, justified.
  • Cover page, Including: Essay’s name, School’s Name, Students’ Name, Date
  • Page two: Table of contents
  • Page three: Introduction
  • Last page: Conclusion
  • You must check the spelling
  • Add one image on each content’s page (from introduction to conclusion) each image has to be according to the topic
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