PowerPoint introductory classwork

For the introducing PowerPoint 2010, make a presentation with the following indications:

  • Slide 1, Title Layout, with your name as Title and your group as subtitle
  • Slide 2, Title and objects layout. “Clipart” as the title, insert any clipart as object.
  • Slide 3, Two objects layout. “Buttons” in the title and a circle in each object. Make the first circle clickable, linking it to the first slide, the second circle link it to the second slide.
  • Slide 4, Comparison layout. “Comparison between X and Y” as the title. Compare your favorite school subject with your less favorite one (3 elements on each item). Animate each object so that the elements of each item appear one by one.
  • Slide 5, Title Only layout. Write “Animations” as the title. In the blank space add 3 different shapes. Animate each one with an entrance, emphasis and exit animation.
  • Configure each slide with a different transition.
  • Slide 6.  Title and objects layout. “UI” as the Title. For the content, write the names of the groups in the Insert tab. Animate each element with a moderate entrance animation.
  • Slide 7. Title with content layout. Add a photograph from the clipart gallery (any topic) Give that picture a title and write it as a title in the slide; then, write a brief description about what you can see in the picture. Finally, add an effect to the picture and animate with a basic entrance animation all the elements of the slide.
  • Slide 8. Title with content layout. “Cloud presentation sites” as the title, and as contents, search in the Internet 3 different online presentation apps (Office Web apps and Google docs not allowed).
  • Add a design theme to the slideshow.

When you’re done, save the file as: “SS Classwork 1” and send the file to the professor.


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