SmartArt Activities


According to Microsoft, SmartArt is a Graphic Element to communicate information visually.

There are various types of SmartArts:

  • List
  • Process
  • Cicle
  • Hierarchy
  • Relationship
  • Matrix
  • Pyramid
  • Images

Activity 1

Part 1

We are going to create a new PowerPoint presentation with a different type of smart art on each slide. You can see some examples on:

  • Slide 1. List SmartArt. Make a list of your 5 favorite songs.
  • Slide 2. Process SmartArt. Make a Process SmartArt explaining the steps to prepare a Lemonade
  • Slide 3. Cicle SmartArt. Make the SmartArt with the cicle of water
  • Slide 4. Hierarchy SmartArt. Create your family tree, from your grandparents to you. Being you on the top of the tree
  • Slide 5. Relationship SmartArt. Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the school to work in a factory
  • Slide 6. Matrix SmartArt. Use it to show How John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison And Paul McCartney were the members Of the Beatles
  • Slide 7. Pyramid SmartArt. Create a Pyramid with the social order of the ancient Egypt. Slaves at the bottom, citizens, Soldiers, Governors, Priests, Pharaoh.

Part 2

Modify each SmartArt from the default design. Click a SmartArt, go to the SmartArt Tab, to the Design Sub-Tab. And modify colors and styles (2d to 3d, shadows and so on)

When you finish part 2, call the proffesor to check your work.


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