Friday’s Activity

Good morning! Thanks to the students from 2B that did yesterday’s activity, sorry 2 D’s you should work double today. Guiño

Today’s activities are simple, but will let you continue learning about layers. Make both and save your files as PNG’s, finally, send them both to my e-mail address.

Next week we’re going to see some photo montages, so, as homework for next thursday, please bring in your USB a picture of yourself. Better if it’s a large picture (1600×1200 at least, if you have a 2 megapixels camera, that is the resolution). We are going to change the background of your picture using the selection tools.

Note: Both tutorials are in spanish.

Tutorial 1: Click HERE

Tutorial 2: Click HERE

If you feel adventurous, mix both images, using the first background and the text above it.

If you get stuck on something, there are 2 possible things to do, search for help in Google or continue and ask your questions next week. Sonrisa Have a nice weekend.


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